Pain Clinic

The primary focus of the Pain Clinic is on intervention procedures, including:

  1. Epidural injections of the lumbar (lower back), thoracic (mid-upper back), and cervical (neck) areas of the spine.  An epidural is a regional anesthesia produced by injection of a local anesthetic solution into the peridural area, which surrounds the spinal cord.
  2. Selective nerve root and nerve blocks
  3. Lumbar and stellate sympathetic blocks
  4. Trigger point injections and more
  5. We have some capability for implant therapy.

Consultations for evaluations for therapy recommendations can be done.

Patients are seen only through physician referral.  Once the physician sends a referral to the Pain Clinic and it is reviewed, the scheduling secretary the calls to make an appointment.

The Pain Clinic does not provide initial diagnosis or ongoing primary care, such as prescription writing.

Dr. James Jaworski is the Director of Pain Management at the Pain Clinic and is certified in Pain Management by the American Board of Anesthesiology.


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